One of my students created this pattern to have eggbot draw a face

my first eggbotMy fascination with motion control began with this simple device-- a two axis egg plotter (see right). I had just learned how to control two stepper motors, and needed some way of demonstrating just how interesting this capability is. The success of this experimental "eggbot" not only spurred me on to build bigger two-axis machines, but evolved into an educational tool-- I now teach kids to build their own eggbots, using a course I am continually expanding: "From Bits to Bytes... to Bots"

I have also built several higher-resolution, faster machines (I call them "ovagraphs"), which can be seen in the egg plotter page in studio machines.

A few pictures from my eggbot course:

eggbot kit
Completed eggbot connected to an
old laptop
eggbot pattern
A student's pattern on a light bulb
(a cheap and erasable medium)