Sis IVSisyphus IV is a traveling version of the Sisyphus Series. It is approximately 5 feet (1.5m) in diameter and 2 feet (60cm) high. My main concern when building Sis IV was that it be mobile, so it all collapses into a large suitcase (which always gets some suspicious looks from airport security!). Like Sisyphus II and III, this version uses polar coordinates to create patterns. Depending on the setting, I often attach small halogen or colored lights which highlight the sand ridges (see right).

To date, Sisyphus IV has traveled to London, Belgium, and Dublin for short exhibitions. It was also part of my Particles in Motion show in Sebastopol, California.

A few pictures:

Sis IV mechanism
Sis IV's mechanics (from below)
packed up
Sis IV all packed up