Sisyphus I & II were the first two iterations of the Sisyphus series (see Sisyphus page for more general information). Here I include some details of the development process:

After some preliminary tests, I decided to build a prototype, Sisyphus I, which I then used to test some simple spiraling designs. The results were even more exciting than I could have predicted.

Sisyphus I Development
Fabricating the xy-table
Testing the xy-table
Sisyphus I with a maple cover concealing the xy-component
Early results (with colored lighting to show off the shadows)
Another early spiral pattern

Following Sisyphus I's success, I built Sisyphus II for an art show at the Science Museum of Minnesota. This time I decided to use polar coordinates and increase the size to 5 feet diameter.

Sisyphus II Development
cad model 3D Model of the polar axes (using AutoCAD)
a Implementation of polar axes
a Early spiral test (the erasing pattern)
a Model of Sisyphus II in the museum
a Sisyphus II in real life
Spiral pattern