I have always believed firmly that motion control is well-suited to the classroom, and education is very important for my work. There are a lot of practical arguments for this: learning about motion control trains students for great jobs and teaches them about the technology which shapes their world.

But even without these positives, motion control is inherently cool. Kids who see eggbot or an etch-a-sketch connected to motors instantly understand what is going on and want to learn more. In order to build an eggbot, students are more than willing to learn some math, electronics, and programming. I like that teenagers and children are not afraid of technology--they see something they like and are eagerly try to learn more.

Shimmibot classI have taught classes to early teenagers on how to build eggbots and younger children to build shimmibots for around 8 years now. I have given numerous talks at local elementary and junior high schools, and mentored high school students on physics projects. Every time I find the experience exhausting yet inspiring.

In this section I have included my from bits to bots course and a collection of my teaching machines, which I use in the classroom or have built with students.

I hope to continue developing this section as a resource for others who want to learn more about motion control or teach it to others, or both!